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Ink attack on Papu Pom Pom for comment on Lord Jagannath

Papu Pom Pom was today attacked with ink and had his face blackened by activists who were offended by his allegedly controversial comments on Lord Jagannath at a stage show in Puri.

According to reports, the incident took place in Bhubaneswar near Jharpada Flyover when Papu was returning from shooting set in his car. The comedian was seen apologising holding his ears inside the vehicle.

During his performance at a stage show in Puri two days ago, the popular comedian had said that ‘tulasi’ leaves which street dogs dirty everyday are used in the rituals of Lord Jagannath (watch video).

As the audience objected to Papu Pom Pom’s remarks, which they considered offensive anti-Lord Jagannath, who is the presiding deity of Odisha, the comedian had to apologise fronm the stage itself. Papu has explained that he did not intend to hurt anyone’s religious feelings and whatever he said was only for humour.

It may be mentioned that three separate complaints against Papu had also be lodged at Sea Beach police station on Tuesday, demanding his arrest for making such remarks.

Complaints were filed by Sachetan Nagarik Manch, Odisha Suraksha Sena and Jagannath Sena, a body fighting for spearheading Jagannath Culture.

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