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Interview with director and actors of ‘Bhaina Kana Kala Se’ movie

Watch this exclusive interview with director and actors of new odia movie “Bhaina Kana Kala Se” to know more about it.

Bhaina Kana Kala Se odia film released on Friday all over Odisha. Earlier, court refused to put a stay on the screening of much-talked about movie allegedly made on comedian Tatwa Prakash Satapathy alias Papu Pom Pom’s life, paving the way for its release.

The Civil Judge (Junior Division) court refused to give a decree against the release of the movie and directed the producer to present his stand on the matter on October 3.

The actor filed a petition in the court praying to stop the release of the Odia movie ‘Bhaina Kan Kala Se’. Papu contested that the movie resembles his life and has been shot without his consent. Further, the movie shows him in poor light.

In this interview, director Sanjay Nayak, actor Kuna Tripathy and Balakrushna Nayak answered all questions asked by Manoranjan Mishra. This interview was telecasted on ‘One To One’ programme of Kanak News.

“I will definitely show the movie to Papu. I have the courage that Papu would appreciate the movie after viewing it. The industry was blamed in the recent past on casting couch and chit fund allegations. This movie has been made in reply to the mud slung on us,” director of the movie Sanjay Nayak said.

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