Jhilli Tu Pura OK music video of Papu Pom Pom and Priyanka

Papu Pom Pom released his new music video “Jhilli Tu Pura OK” after super success of ‘Station Bazar Jhiati’ song. He has released it on his Youtube channel Papu PoM PoM Creations today.

Song – Jhilli Tu Pura OK
Singer – Bishnu Mohan Kabi
Music Director – Abhijit Majumdar
Lyrics – Nirmal Nayak
Actors – Papu Pom Pom & Priyanka

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Choreographer – Sudhakar Vasanth
Camera – Rabindra Behera
Editor – Ranjan

The song ‘Jhilli Tu Pura OK’ is a beautiful dance number, sung by Bishnu Mohan Kabi, composed by Abhijeet Majumdar and written by Dr Nirmal Nayak.

Watch Jhilli Tu Pura OK music video of Papu Pom Pom here.

Jhilli Tu Pura OK music video

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