Jigarbala new Sambalpuri song by Mantu Chhuria and Aseema Panda

Everything For U released new Sambalpuri song ‘Jigarbala’ in the voices of Mantu Chhuria and Aseema Panda, which is composed by Rehan Kamal and written by Pintu Chhuria.

Song – Tate GF Banei Dela A Jigarbala
Singers – Mantu Chhuria & Aseema Panda
Music Director – Rehan Kamal
Lyricist – Pintu Chhuria

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Recording – MRR Studio
Producers – Manoj Singh & Kiran Kumar Nayak
Co-Producers – Udit Jagat & Meher Guddu

The song ‘Mate GF Banei Dela A Jigarbala’ is a beautiful Sambalpuri number, sung by Mantu Chhuria & Aseema Panda, music composed by Rehan Kamal and lyrics written by Pintu Chhuria.

Watch Tate GF Banei Dela A Jigarbala new Sambalpuri song studio version here.

Mantu Chhuria Aseema Panda sambalpuri song

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