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Junior Anand’s blindfold stunt on motorbike in Bhubaneswar

Popular magician Jadugar Anand’s son Akash or Junior Anand performed a blindfolded act on a motorbike on the streets of Bhubaneswar.

“My aim was to create traffic awareness. I want to convey the message that if visually-impaired people can obey traffic rules and walk on road safely, then people with vision can also do that,” Anand said.

Jadugar Anand is in Bhubaneswar now. His magic shows will continue till Januarys 23 at Utkal Mandap. Anand’s career spans more than 50 years and he has performed in more than 36 countries.

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Junior Anand blindfold bike stunt

Junior Anand’s blindfolded act, however, drew criticism from various quarters. “I feel this is nothing but a stunt show. It would in fact entice others to perform the same acts and end up hurting themselves,” said social activist Asit Kumar Behra.

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