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Kehi Nuhen Kahara review: A well-made murder mystery

Movie – Kehi Nuhen Kahara (Odia)
Director – Susant Mani
Cast – Elina Samantray, Siddhant Mohapatra, Abhishek Rath, Samaresh Routray, Priyanka, Kuna Tripathy, Pinky Pradhan, Raju Mishra and Bijay Mohanty
Rating – 3.5/5

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Story – Siddhant is playing the role of Elina’s father, a business-man who stays in Hong Kong. He came to do some social work in Odisha and was murdered. After that, Elina comes to India to find the murderer.

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Kehi Nuhen Kahara review

During her investigation, she seeks support from Abhishek. Priyanka played role of Abhishek’s mother. Samaresh is a police officer who is investigating the case. Kuna Tripathy is Siddhant’s elder brother who is a famous criminal lawyer. Raju Mishra plays the role of Siddhant’s business partner.

There is also an important character, played by Pinky Pradhan. Bijay Mohanty and Nitu Singh were seen in guest appearances. It is a murder mystery. So we can’t tell much about the story.

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Performances – Elina played his part beautifully. Dialogues of Samaresh as a corrupt police officer are very funny. Priyanka has done a good job. Kuna Tripathy, Siddhant Mohapatra, Abhishek Rath and Pinky Pradhan played their part perfectly. Only Raju Mishra’s role could have been better.

Verdict – If you enjoy murder mysteries then you must watch Kehi Nuhen Kahara. It is a well-made Odia suspense/thriller film directed by Susant Mani.

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