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Kharabela Swain lodged FIR against CM Naveen Patnaik

The Utkal Bharat party president and former MP, M.A. Kharabela Swain today lodged an FIR against chief minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik and Director of State Vigilance, Kanwar Brajesh Singh in the Bhubaneswar Capital Police station in connection with the Vigilance case against former Director General of Police (DGP) Prakash Mishra, which was quashed by the Odisha High Court recently.

“In the First Information Report (FIR), I have mentioned that the Odisha High Court, which had quashed the case against Prakash Mishra recently, had observed that the State Vigilance had deliberately and willfully registered a one-sided case against Mishra to satisfy his higher-ups. Besides, the court had also said that honest officers like Mishra are made victims by the political leaders in India. My question is, who is this political boss?,” Kharabela Swain told reporters after his return from the Capital Police Station.

The Odisha High Court on June 20 had quashed the state vigilance case against Mishra over allegations that he favoured some suppliers in 2009 during his tenure as the CMD (chairman-cum-managing director) of the Odisha Police Housing and Welfare Corporation.

“It’s not uncommon that honest and upright officers are victimised by political establishments,” Justice S.C. Parija said in his order.

Naveen Patnaik

The judgment further stated, “There is no doubt that the vigilance authorities proceeded in the matter with a predetermined agenda to implicate the petitioner Sri Prakash Mishra, irrespective of whether any material is available to substantiate the allegations.”

Kharabela Swain said such is the audacity of the state government that it has not taken any action against the Vigilance director till date in spite of the stinging criticism by the High Court.

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