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Kie Heba Mo Heroine : Arindam searching for new actress

Tarang TV will telecast a new reality show, “Kie Heba Mo Heroine” soon, where the winner will get a chance to act opposite Ollywood star Arindam Roy as a lead actress in Tarang Cine Productions’ upcoming Odia film.

If you are a female and your age is between 18-28 years, then you can participate in auditions for Kie Heba Mo Heroine.

Just type in your mobile, HER (Your City Name) and send to 58888.

Arindam in Kie Heba Mo Heroine

Sarthak TV also telecast a similar show Mu Bi Heroine Hebi soon, where actors Sidhant, Debasish and Pupinder will choose their heroines.

Let’s see which show will get success?

Kie Heba Mo Heroine

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  1. mu sritam sir.manoj sir and priya madam nku dhanybad dauchhi ki semane arindam nka pain gote bhala heroin khojantu

  2. taranga channel ku many many thanks je emiti selection kale bahutkna talent odisha ra pepole mane janiparuchanti……..

  3. The most joking thing is that Mr.Arindam who has done only 2-3 films but all these are flop films.Reason behind this is the tone/voice of Arindam. No producers or directors are interested to give him contracts even babusan is far better from him.So those 10 contestants are suitable for ollywood but Arindam is not suitable for them.What he is doing here is only waste of time & funds.

  4. Mr.Arindam…you are a flop hero…ok..but those 10 girls are far better than you.. their performance is at national level..they can compete at national level. but u can’t compete in jollywood// in drama also. So stop joking infront of tv.

  5. We loves Arindam,we love your dance,acting,figure,voice and smile also.perhaps you dont know in VSS MED COLLAGE 70 percent yuth ur biggest fans.from VSS MED CLG all the very best.ALOK and MINA stop ur robbish mouth in this matter and also both are go to hell.

  6. Arindam is king of olly wood film industry and also popular tolly wood. you are a handsome bengali chhele.i like your bengali movie takkar and tomar jarne.oh god i’m mad for you.if you will come my front i will definaitly kiss ur forehead,chick and ur lips also.god bless u my super hero god bless you.mina and alok if you are tell one word too oposite MY ARINDAM i will kill you nonsence. JASMIN-from VSS MED CLG BURLA SAMBALPUR.

  7. All the very best my handsome and dancer Arindam.i mad ur smile,figure and dance.ALOK AND MINA I will kick ur mouth.SHRIYA VSS MED CLG BURLA.


  9. Arindam vaai ama clg jhia mane ta apananku pasand karuchhanti.ame aneilebi semane anei anei kahuchhanti ARINDAM valia figure banaaa prathame.RAHUL.

  10. Arindam is the best.i like your style.you are my dream boy.i’m kissing your photo a day twicely.wish you all the very best my super hero.

  11. Wish you all the very best my handsome hero.i like ur smile,figure and dance also.i love you so…………. Much.from Bhubaneswar

  12. Wish you all the best our big superstar Arindam.we are ur big fans.we are loves u so……………………much.priya-nka,sushree,sonali,mausu-mi,ankita,jasmin,madhu,s-hriya AND in boys between binaya,rahul,alok,amar,bi-kram,rohit,sudhansu,roha-n,mahesh and pritiraj.we are from dream clg of engg.TANGI CTC

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  14. wish u all the very best our super star hero Arindam bhai. and my really hero shakti prasad chand i waiting for u plz come back my life i love u From-Parjang,dhenkanal talcher autonomous college talcher by

  15. Arindam vai,mrg kn karibani ki?emti jhia manank saha acting kari n beautyness ku enjoy kari timepass kariba?

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