Lakshmi Purana odia cd film video of Siddhanta and Jyoti Mishra

Watch Lakshmi Purana in Odia cd film full video starring Siddhanta and Jyoti Mishra.

Lakshmi Purana is written in the 15th century by Balaram Das, a major poet of Odia literature who is often considered the senior most poet in the Age of Panchasakha.

In this Purana, once the Goddess Lakshmi visited Shriya Chandaluni, a scavenger low caste woman, for which Balarama, the elder brother of Jagannatha (Lord Vishnu) got angry with Lakshmi, and she was turned out from Jagannatha Temple of Puri, one of the four most sacred place places of pilgrimage (Dham) of the Hindus.

Lakshmi leaves the temple, and avenges the insult by cursing her husband and elder brother-in-law to go through a prolonged ordeal without food, water or shelter. Lakshmi Purana raises voice against the evil practices of Untouchability in society. It also stresses importance on feminism, and empowers the female power to resist male hegemony.

Movie – Lakshmi Purana
Cast – Siddhanta Mohapatra & Jyoti Mishra
Singers – Lopita Mishra & Preetinanda Routray
Banner – World Music

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