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Laser guns in Bhubaneswar airport to keep birds away

Now laser guns and jone guns will be used in Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) to keep birds away from the runway.

The airports authority of India (AAI) which has registered nine bird-hit cases last year has roped in a team of experts to curtail such incidents.

Laser guns will light up the runway before the plane takes off or makes a landing. The bright light will keep birds away from the runway. Fluorescent ribbon sticks will also be deployed at the airport. The sound waves and frequency created from these ribbon sticks and its reflection in the light will discourage birds from coming inside the airport.

Airport authorities earlier used firecrackers and set cages or traps to catch birds and other animals and keep them away from runways. However, these methods did not prove to be very successful as proved by as many as 10 bird strike incidents in 2013 and 11 in 2014.

Sources said the AAI authorities would spend Rs 60 lakh on buying equipment to keep birds away from the flight path. Apart from zone guns and laser guns, bird dispellers and six shot launchers (cracker launchers) are might also be bought to control the menace.

The city airport is surrounded by 1,138 trees, alongside Pokhariput, Gandamunda, Delta Square and Palaspalli, whose pruning is yet to be done by the Forest Development Corporation. Meanwhile, AAI is contemplating to write to BMC commissioner Krishan Kumar to extend its support to the former.

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