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Maheswari Temple at Mura (Odisha) submerged in Hirakud Dam water

Do you know about Maheswari Temple at Mura in Odisha? It remains submerged in water of Hirakud Dam for almost nine months a year.

More than 200 temples were submerged by the Hirakud dam, which was completed in 1957. Nearly 150 temples have either perished or are underwater and about 50 are visible during summer.

Maheswari Temple Mura

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In the summer season, the receding water of the dam makes the structures become visible. The hidden treasures have finally caught the attention of historians, and steps are being taken to understand the historical significance of these temples, which periodically go under water, only to resurface again.

To reach Mura, you have to go via Belpahar towards Raigarh. From Belpahar go to Bhaunrkhol chhak. Turn left then after 2 Kms turn right and go strait to Malda Temple at bank of the river Mahanadi. Take a boat ride of 2 Kms to the Maheswari temple surrounded by water.

The lost temples present excellent opportunities for scuba diving enthusiasts to explore the underbelly of Hirakud Dam. The temples are visible to visitors on boat only during the summer months of May and June.

Maheswari Mandir Hirakud Dam

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