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Odisha’s Manoj Kumar Maharana breaks 3 Guinness World Records

Manoj Kumar Maharana from Odisha has set a new record by breaking three Guinness World Records in Berhampur.

He entered the Guinness World Record by stuffing 533 drinking straws in his mouth and kept it for 30 seconds without using hands. He broke the previous records of Har Parkash, popularly known as Guinness Rishi of Mumbai, who was placed in the Guinness World Record in 2011 for holding 496 straws in his mouth.

Manoj Kumar Maharana broke the second record by holding 40 lit candles in his mouth for 40 seconds. Earlier, Mumbai man Dinesh Shivnath had set the record for holding 37 candles in mouth for 30 seconds.

The determined record-breaker broke third record by holding a 6.5 cm-long-toothpick in his mouth and rotate it through his tongue 32 times in a minute with direction of 360 degree.

Earlier, Manoj Kumar Maharana, a resident of Bhabarada village, was placed in Guinness World Record in November 2017 by cramming 459 drinking straws in his mouth and holding those for 10 seconds without using his hands., breaking Simon Elmore’s previous record of eight years for 400 straws.

Born to Bhagaban Maharana and mother Gitanjali Maharana, Manoj is a master-degree holder in Mathematics. 208 private hospitals under Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana

Odisha Guinness World Records

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