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Odisha’s Meghali Malbika Swain aims for Guinness World Records

Odisha girl Meghali Malbika Swain, is now ready to rattle off the name of 1000 cities of the world in an incredible 10 minutes. The prodigy is now aiming for the Guinness World Records.

The Class IV student has already found a place in the India Book of Record (IBR) for being able to name the maximum number of rivers in the shortest time in June.

The 10-year-old “human encyclopaedia” and “search engine-in-the-making” is on her way to creating another world record. She can also name a thousand river locations in various places across the world in a record eight minutes.

“She can name all major rivers, including 300 in Europe, 200 in the Americas, 400 in Asia and 100 in Africa,” said her father Prafulla Kumar Swain. This apart, she can now name a thousand physical geographical features from around the world in 12 minutes. That includes all major mountains, plateaus, plains, islands, seas, gulfs and deserts.

“In her list are 350 physical features from Europe, 400 from Asia, 200 from North and South America and around 100 from Africa,” said Swain.

Point out any spot on the globe or an atlas, and Meghali, a student of Sai International School, will tell you the name of the place along with details of cities around it and rivers flowing in and out of the area.

“We have contacted Guinness officials for the record and they will be here shortly,” said Meghali. The proud father said his daughter could also tell you where any river started and ended. He said: “Draw a river line on a paper and she will tell you its name.”

Meghali’s parents spotted her talent at an early age and provided her all support in form of books and atlases to hone her skills. “She was exceptionally good at memorising places and water bodies,” said Swain.

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Meghali Malbika Swain

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