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Mihir Das interview regarding ‘Casting Couch’ issue in Ollywood

Watch interview of popular Odia actor Mihir Das regarding ‘Casting Couch’ issue in Ollywood. This interview was telecasted on ‘One to One’ programme of Kanak News.

“It takes two to tango. The matter comes to fore only when things go awry. This is what usually happens,” said Mihir Das while reacting to questions on recent allegations of casting couch in the state pertaining to Papu Pom Pom and another complaint where a newcomer Sarmistha pulled up six leading men from the entertainment industry.

Mihir Das further went on to point out that it is not only about the female actors that are being exploited any longer.

“Can you tell me that the male actors are not exploited these days? Don’t they get those things (offers) over Facebook wherein the message says that the other party is interested in making compromises? Would you give the matter the same publicity if it reaches you? Would law be able to protect him? More importantly, is there even a law to protect a male,” asked Mihir Das.

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