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Mobile water purification system for Odisha villages launched

A unique mobile water purification system was launched in Odisha. The first-of-a-kind system launched by Grundfos Lifelink and eKutir was inaugurated by Panchayati Raj Minister Arun Sahoo.

The mobile purification unit based on solutions from Grundfos Lifelink, comprises of pre-treatment unit, AQpure (UF & UV based water treatment system) that will travel to certain identified villages near Bhubaneswar to treat the surface water/bore well water and convert it into safe drinking water.

The purified water will then be dispensed employing the Grundfos Water ATM (AQtap) at an affordable price to the rural communities.

According to a recent study in India, more than 97 million people lack access to safe drinking water.The World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Lack of access to reliable water supply is prevalent in both urban and rural areas in the country.

The Grundfos Lifelink water solutions empowers water service providers to provide a more reliable water supply to consumers with the help of innovative technology through reliable partnerships across India. It can apply to small or large water schemes, be it in rural or urban settings, for water utilities, NGOs and community-based organizations.

Grundfos Lifelink Managing Director Peter Todbjerg Hansen says, “It is our express belief that such unique and sustainable water purification solution will ensure optimal utilisation of the system, extended outreach to rural masses, enhanced health and also support the business to flourish.”

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Mobile water purification system

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