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Mother’s day Odia song ‘Kemiti Banchibi Maa’ by Shasank Sekhar

Mother’s day will be celebrated on 13th May 2018. 91.9 Sarthak FM released a heart-touching song ‘Kemiti Banchibi Maa’ in the voice of Shasank Sekhar, which will bring tears in your eyes.

The song ‘Kemiti Banchibi Maa’ is a beautiful Odia song on mother, sung by Shasank Sekhar, composed by Anup Mohanty and written by Arun Mantri. Watch studio version of the song here.

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Mother’s day is celebrated to increase the influence of mothers in the society. It is being celebrated every year on different dates in various countries all across the world. In India, it is celebrated every year on second Sunday of the month of May.

She nurtures her little ones in her womb and devotes all her life to their well being. In return for her selfless love, she expects nothing. Truly, mothers are God’s angels on earth and the greatest teacher of kindness and compassion for all of us, isn’t she?

When was the last time you told your mom how much she means to you? A single day isn’t enough to express how you feel but you can always make it special. Every year, Mother’s Day is observed around the world with much affection and adulation. This year, in India, it’s all set to be observed on Sunday, May 14.

Mothers day Odia song

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