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NASA award to Odisha inventors’ puncture-proof tyre design

A puncture-proof tyre invented by Odisha inventors received award in Create the Future Design Contest 2015 conducted by NASA Tech Brief in New York on 6th November where only 8 teams received the awards and 32 inventions found place in NASA’s official publication in special issue of November.

In this International competition of Innovation thousands participants had participated from over 60 countries and this invention is the most popular among them. It will not be out of place to mention that NASA Tech Brief is a joint effort of NASA and Society of Automobile Engineers, International.

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Odisha scholars puncture proof tyre

Team of TycheeJuno (lead by Sameer Panda a PhD student of VSSUT & team members Udit Bondia, Dr. K.N. Panda & Ms. Smitiparna Satpathy) is now looking for strategic partners and investments to successfully commercialize the same globally to save thousands of lives and decrease carbon foot print.

Sameer Panda, a research scholar at Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, and two others developed the multi-chambered tube and multi-chambered tubeless tyre filled with a liquid layer of sealants, rubber particles, which prevent leakage of air in case of puncture. All the existing tyres, including the run-flat technology, which allows tyres to run for some kilometer even after getting punctured, and ordinary tyres can use Panda’s technology with minor changes to prevent punctures all together, he said.

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They are of the opinion that regulatory push from different governments in this regard can definitely decrease the possibilities of accidents from tyre failures.

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