Watch: Odisha police helps Naxal couple to get married in Malkangiri

Two former Naxal leaders from Malkangiri, Odisha, who fell in love when they were part of the dreaded armed movement operating mostly in the secluded areas of jungles, are perfect examples that the Cupid’s arrow could hit you at any time and any place.

Recently, the former Naxal couple got married after they surrendered before the police. It’s the Odisha police department that helped them to get married.

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The wedding was well-attended by a large number of police personnel. Along with their blessings, senior police officials also gave the couple several gift items.

According to a senior police official, the department took active role in solemnising the wedding as a part of the rehabilitation programme of former Naxal cadres.

Often the police department plays an important role to help surrendered Naxals lead a normal life by giving them livelihood opportunities.

The department, in association with other organisations, provides training in various skills and helps former Naxals to set up their own small enterprises.

Naxal couple

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