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Bhubaneswar: Pens made of newspapers, vegetables, flower seeds

Two Bhubaneswar-based innovators have created eco-friendly pens made with newspapers, vegetables, fruit and flower seeds.

These pens are manufactured by Likhan, a startup that was started by two college students Prem Shanker Pandey and Md Raza of Centurion University, Odisha.

“We have made an eco-friendly alternative to use-and-throw pens. Of course, these pens have a plastic refill, but the body of the pens has been created from the waste newspaper. Therefore, in comparison to regular pens that are 100 percent plastic, our pens have only 10 percent plastic. Also, unlike regular use and throw pens, you can discard these upcycled pens in a pot or soil, nurture it, and within weeks it will germinate into a plant,” Prem Shanker said.

Md Ahmad Raza added that the pens are also available in Germany and Australia apart from India. The two versions of the eco-friendly pens cost Rs 5 and Rs 7 each.

The pen is made from regular products like upcycled paper, glue (made from indigenous glue), refill, and seeds. The founders have also designed a machine for pen production at a cost of Rs 28,000, which can produce 200 pens in an hour.

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