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Nabajouban darshan 2024 date besha images

This year general devotees are allowed to have Nabajouban besha darshan a day before the world-famous Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. Nabajouban darshan 2024 date is 6th July (Saturday).

Special arrangements have been made for Nabajouban besha darshan paid ticket holders (parmanik darshan). Ticket darshan would begin at 8 am and last until 9 am. The ‘Sahana mela’, or free darshan, would begin at 9 am and go until 11 am.

Since ‘Ubha Yatra’ ritual will not be performed this year, the Nabajouban darshan has been restricted to 3 hours. 70 platoons of police were deployed in Puri.

Nabajouban darshan images

Jindal Jagannath temple

After spending 14 days in Anasara ghara, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are all set to reappear before the devotees in their rejuvenated youthful form on Monday. After the Snana Purnima (bathing) rite, the gods at Anasara Ghara were given fever medication.

Following the temple Vaidya’s administration of herbal medications, they have recovered. Now the trinity will appear before the devotees with renewed vigor for which elaborate preparations have been made by the servitors.

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According to the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, a special solution (khadi prasad and ghana laagi) has been brought from the house of Sudha Suar (only of its kind of servitor), and application of the semi-liquid solution will be completed, after which the ‘banka laagi’ (coloring the faces of deities) will be performed behind closed doors.

The ritual of Chala Apasara will be performed at 6 am on Monday, followed by Anasara Tati and Patadian Bisarjan by 7.30 am. The district administration has geared up for a smooth Nabajouban besha darshan of the deities by the devotees who are expected to turn up in large numbers in the town.

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