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Nuakhai 2024 date, festival in Odisha, essay in english

Nuakhai, the agrarian festival of Western Odisha, will be celebrated on 8 September 2024 (Sunday). Nua Khai’s date as per the Odia calendar was announced after the Brahmapura temple pandit mandali finalised the Lagna (date) for the festival.

As per the schedule, the Nabanna (new rice) will be offered to Goddess Maa Samaleswari, the presiding deity of Sambalpur, between 10.28 am and 10.41 am on September 8, a day after Ganesh Puja (Chaturthi).

“The date and time of the Lagna are finalised taking into account the zodiac and naxatra of Maa Pataneswari and the king of Patanagarh,” stated the Rajpurohit of Bolangir’s Shailashree Palace informing of the same. I kindly ask all followers in Bolangir to present their prasad to the deities who rule over them within the allotted time frame, prior to partaking of the food themselves.

Later, people will celebrate the harvest festival of Odisha with family members, relatives, and friends by offering delicious dishes and food items. Each and every member of the family wear a new dress and they exchange respect and affection between them. This ritual is popularly known as “Nuakhai Juhar”.

Worth mentioning, that the Lagna for Nuakhai is decided on the next day of Janmashtami by the Brahmamandap Pandit Mahasabha in Sambalpur every year. It is one of the popular Odia festivals.

Nuakhai has been celebrated for ages with great fervor in western Odisha districts of Sambalpur, Sambalpur, Sundergarh, Kalahandi, Bolangir, Bargarh, Subarnapur, Deogarh, Jharsuguda, and Boudh to welcome the new paddy crop.

The day after the Nuakhai celebration, on September 9, a special day was declared by the Odisha government. The RDC, ND, Sambalpur has been given permission by the Revenue & Disaster Management Department to designate the day after Nuakhai, on September 9, 2024 (Monday), as a special local holiday for Bargarh, Sambalpur District, and Sundargarh Sadar Subdivision.

As a result, the Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Northern Division, Sambalpur is happy to declare a Special Local Holiday for Bargarh, Sambalpur District, and Sundargarh Sadar Sub-division on the day after Nuakhai, i.e., on Monday, September 9, 2024.

The state government postponed the voting by one day after learning that the opposition BJP and the Congress would not participate in the scheduled September 21 election for Odisha Assembly Speaker because of the Nuakhai festival. On September 10, the first day of the assembly’s Monsoon Session, at 9.30 am, the election for Speaker will take place.

Nuakhai essay in English 10 lines

  1. Nuakhai is the annual harvest festival of western Odisha.
  2. It is celebrated a day after Ganesh Chaturthi.
  3. Every year, the Tithi (day) and Samay (time) of observance was astrologically determined by the Hindu priests.
  4. ‘Nua’ means ‘new’ and ‘Khai’ means ‘eat’. So the newly harvested food is offered to the Goddess Samaleswari.
  5. After offering Nabbanna to the Goddess, the food is distributed among people and they consume it together.
  6. Each and every member of the family wear new dress and take blessings from the elderly members of the family.
  7. Nua Khai festival has been a tradition since the 12th century AD.
  8. On this day, people greet each other by saying ‘Nuakhai Juhar’.
  9. Sweet dishes like arisa, kakara, manda , chakuli, and kheeri are prepared. Mutton curry is cooked and taken with rice.
  10. Raja Ramai Deo, the ruler of Patna state, established an organised way to celebrate Nuakhai.

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Nuakhai 2019


Nuakhai festival is celebrated in which state?


Nuakhai festival celebrated after which festival?

Ganesh Chaturthi.

Odisha harvest festival name?


Which is the famous harvest festival of Odisha?

Nua Khai.

Which festival is celebrated in Odisha related to farming?


What is the Nabanna festival in Odisha?

Nua Khai.

When did Nuakhai festival start?

September 20.

Who started Nuakhai?

Oral legend holds that Raja Ramai Deo, the ruler of Patna state at the time, began the organised celebration of Nuakhai.

What is the history of Nuakhai?

Nuakhai was a festival associated with the Pralambana Yajna, or first crop cutting. Raja Ramai Deo, the ruler of Patna state at the time, established an organised way to celebrate Nuakhai.

In which season Nuakhai is celebrated?

It is observed on panchami tithi (the fifth day) of the lunar fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada or Bhadraba (August-September).

Which God is Worshipped in Nuakhai festival?

Goddess Samaleswari.

Which dishes are prepared during Nuakhai?

Arisa pitha, kakara, manda, chakuli, kheeri and mutton curry.

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