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Odia Accelerator to mentor and fund new Oriya entrepreneurs

Odia Accelerator will provide wings to Oriya entrepreneurs to fly towards a successful startup, through mentorship, global support system and a hub from both Odisha and all over world to launch their startups.

A group of US-based non-resident Indians (NRIs) have launched the accelerator programme in Odisha to mentor and fund aspiring Odia entrepreneurs.

If you are an aspiring Odia entrepreneur with innovative web or tech-based business solutions, they want to be a part of your journey towards success.

It has been conceptualised to encourage the talent in our ethnic community that ultimately goes to more lucrative cities for a lack of opportunity, P.K. Samal, a founder of the initiative and CEO of US-based Divensi Inc., a multi- million dollar company told IANS.

“Our aim is to tap this talent and retain it within our state by bringing opportunities to them and letting them think out of the box towards successful start ups in Odisha,” he added.

Odia Accelerator

“This will also create opportunities of employment at all levels since each start-up will need manpower at all levels of organisation” he said.

Odia Accelerator is the brainchild of very successful Indian-Americans who scripted their own success stories, single-handedly, by creating wealth through startups and pursuing their dreams.

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