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Odia boy Aditya’s new mobile app to help women in distress

A 16-year-old Odia boy Aditya has developed an Android mobile app for women. Women in distress can now send a message to their dear ones for help through a smartphone and mobile app ‘Notifica’ in a matter of seconds.

“A woman in trouble can send a message about her problems by pressing a button on the device which has the ‘Notifica’ app installed on it. Subsequently, the mobile will send the message as well as GPS location of the woman to family members or friend or police,” said Aditya, who is studying Class XI in California in the United States.

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Aditya new mobile app for women developer

First of all, a user of the ‘Notifica’ has to install the mobile app on her phone and then store the mobile numbers in the app to whom she wants to send the distress message. After pressing the button of the device, a message along with GPS location will be sent instantly to the concerned person.

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The receiver, on seeing the message, will be able to detect the sender and can come to the aid of the women in need.

Aditya has plans to launch the ‘Notifica’ app in 2016.

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