Odia film actors in Jatra video : Usasi Mishra, Raimohan

Now many Odia film actors like Usasi Mishra, Soumesh and Raimohan Parida have joined various Jatra parties for good money and fame.

Usasi Mishra is acting in main lead of Eastern Opera (Blue) party’s superhit jatra ‘Mu Baleswar Bohu’.

The pre-eminence of Jatra can be attributed to the failing Odia Film Industry due to blind imitation of other language films, lack of originality and poor return on huge investment.

Usasi Mishra odia jatra actress

During the last three decades, curiously, the distinction between Jatra and Cinema, not only in terms of thematic content but the spectacular aspect as well, has become increasingly blurred.

Jatra has become surrogate cinema, as it were, for its predominantly rural audiences.

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