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Odia film directors reacted to CBFC ban on cuss words

Some Odia film directors welcomed and some criticized the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) ban on 36 cuss words in English and Hindi that cannot be used in movies.

Regional Officers have been directed to delete them from Hindi and regional films, irrespective of the certification.

Susant Mani – It is like a curb on creativity! A filmmaker has to use certain words to convey the message in the best possible way.

Basant Sahoo – We are traditionally not a violent society, but certain Odia movies depict such shocking scenes. So, this step by the censor board will force filmmakers to make clean movies.

Sudhansu Mohan Sahu
– The board is trying to stifle the creative freedom of filmmakers. A film is a reflection of society, and if you ask filmmakers to refrain from showing reality, it will stifle their creativity. The audience, too, will not find the films interesting.

Gadadhar Puty – It is a welcome step, as it will help check excessive use of dual meaning and vulgar words in movies. There are films which have done very good business without vulgar dialogues or bed scenes. So, it is actually not necessary.

Himanshu Khatua – I see no reason to ban anything from movies, as they can be categorized as per the guidelines and certified accordingly. So, the new guidelines are not actually justified.

Susant Mani

CBFC Chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani, who’s at the centre of the storm, points out that he’s a filmmaker too and it is not his intention to harrass anyone.

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