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Odia film songs copied from Telugu, Kannada, Bengali songs

We always knew how most Ollywood movies were a copy of South Indian movies – but how many Odia film songs do you know that were a copy of south music as well?

Here are some popular Odia movie songs of different stars of Ollywood that were blatant copies of – or as the music directors prefer to call it – ‘inspired from’ the other Indian language songs.

Let us list some Ollywood songs that stole your heart but still they are not actually original.

1. Song: ‘Tarikiti Tarijham’ from ‘Jaga Hatare Pagha’ feat. Anubhav Mohanty

Copied From: ‘Life Is Awesome’ from ‘Male’ Kannada movie

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Pilata Bigidigala film

2. Song: ‘Nisha Nisha’ from ‘Pilata Bigidigala’ feat. Sabyasachi-Archita

Copied From: ‘Nesha Nesha’ from ‘Deewana’ Bengali movie

3. Song: ‘Megharu Tu Jharilu Na’ from ‘Prema Adhei Akhyara’ feat. Babushan-Riya

Copied From: ‘Emaindhi Eevela’ from ‘Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Veruley’ Telugu movie

4. Song: ‘Are Mo Raja Pakhaku Aja’ from ‘Gud Boy’ feat. Arindam-Priya

Copied From: ‘Baghtoy Rikshawala’ from ‘Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika’ Marathi movie

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