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Odia Food Festival at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel offers flavours of Odisha

It is time to explore the delicious cuisine of Odisha at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel. Odia Food Festival at the hotel brings you culinary magic of Odisha and on offer are finest dishes loved throughout the country.

The extensive menu throughout this festival will take you through the streets of Odisha. Some of the offerings include Chhena poda, Badi chura, Boitalu and Poi saaga to have alongside a variety of dals and steamed rice. The vegetarians can delight in live Chaat, Pakhal Bhata and fry counters.

The non-vegetarians can rejoice in offerings like Kukuda kassa with Bana and Kassa maunsa. The finest Kankada and Mutton jhola too are on offer at this food gala. Other irresistible dishes include Bamboo kukuda, the very famous Mudhi mansa, Chingudi chhecha, Rohi machha fry to delight the seafood lovers, without which this festival would be incomplete.

The fest benefits from the extensive travel and research by the chef; every dish is made the way it should be. The only five star touch apart from the fact that it is prepared in a five star kitchen is that the meat is boneless.

If you are a health freak, then, Odia cuisine is a compliment to your health as it is flavourful without the use of too much oil or spice which makes it light, tasty and nutritious.

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Odia Food Festival at Hotel

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