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Odia girl uses karate moves to fight off looters in Bhubaneswar

A brave heart Odia girl, trainee of Utkal Karate School in Bhubaneswar, fought back against three looters and forced them to leave behind the looted items and their motorcycle.

The brave hearted girl said – around 8.30 pm on Sunday, she was returning from Karate School, when she was intercepted by three looters on a bike. The miscreants snatched her mobile and purse before she could react and fled from the spot in a flash.

However, instead of keeping quiet, she screamed but though it was a bustling area nobody came to her rescue. But she did not lose courage and followed the miscreants. The three looters moving at break neck speed initially entered the Priya Hotel lane and then fled towards Market Building.

All this was happening in a high security area with hundreds of policemen on guard for the current session of the Assembly. But they had no inkling about it.

However, she managed to catch up with the looters near Market Building and hit their vehicle from the rear. The result was all of them fell down to the ground. Though two of the looters managed to flee from the spot she managed to grab the third looter with the help of the locals.

She recovered the looted items from the looters possession. But in the meantime, the third looter managed to shove her and flee from the spot leaving behind the bike.

Most of the times the victims of crimes do not fight back. They often look for victims who are helpless and docile. This is a lesson for the other women folk and girls who often remain silent after being victims of different criminal incidents.

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