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Must watch this Odia musical short film ‘Goolaam’ by Happy

Amara Muzik released a beautiful Odia musical short film ‘Goolaam’ on its YouTube channel today. You must have not seen such a gorgeous music video in Odia language before.

Happy has directed the musical short film. Manoj Mishra, Subhasish (Mantu) and Prakruti Mishra acted in it. Stitha Pattanaik produced it under Reels & Reels Entertainment banner.

The song A Jibana Ichha Hue Magi Nebi Mo Bhagara Pruthibi is a heart-touching emotional number, sung by Humane Sagar & Dr Mamata Tripathi, composed and written by Sthita Pattanaik.

The visuals are stunning. You’ll feel like watching a film of national or international level. The sound effect and acting is brilliant. You’ll amazed by seeing the making of the Odia musical short film.

This video will take the standard of our Odia music videos to a different level. Hope to see more such music videos in coming days with new creative concepts and briliant making. Don’t forget to share it.

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Odia musical short film Goolaam

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