Odia Sarala Mahabharata translated in Japanese language by Shobha Rani Dash

Recently Odia ‘Sarala Mahabharata’, penned by Adikabi Sarala Das translated in Japanese language by Dr Shobha Rani Dash.

From 2007, Shobha Rani is working as an Associate Professor in Otani University, Kyoto, Japan. She is the daughter of Anand Chandra Dash of Dengibhadi, Sundargarh.

Dr Shobha Rani Dash graduated from Faculty of Letters, University of Sambalpur (Department of Education). After completing the master’s degree course of Delhi University graduate school of literature (Buddhist studies major) and M. Phil course, she won the Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship and studied at Osaka University of Foreign Studies and Otani University as a Japanese Government scholarship student at the Japanese government.

In 2004, Dr. (literature) is awarded at Otani University graduate school of literature (Buddhist studies major). After that, she conducted research as a researcher at the Center for Women’s Buddhist Cultural History Research, a special researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and a special researcher at the Ohtani University Research Institute, and now teaches at Otani University and Doshisha University.

Sarala Das was a 15th-century poet and scholar of Odia literature. Best known for three Odia books – Mahabharata, Bilanka Ramayana and Chandi Purana – he was the first scholar to write in Odia. As an originator of Odia literature, his work has formed an enduring source of information for succeeding generations.

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Shobha Rani Dash Sarala Mahabharata

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