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Odia sculptor represents India at International Sculpture Symposium

Odisha sculptor Gadadhar Ojha will represent India at the first Symposium de Sculpture sur Gypse et Plâtre near Paris from 13th to 17th September.

Hailing from a family of sculptors, Gadadhar Ojha never aspired to pursue the family tradition. This profession always attracted him. During his visit to Delhi college of Arts, he was getting closer to form of art which ran in his blood.

Today, having carved a niche for himself as one of the best stone sculptors of the country, Gadadhar believes he was destined to be drawn towards the art.

Born and brought up in the quaint seaside village Gorh bangor, Badagaon, Puri, he had grown up observing the bounties of nature, the culture and tradition of the state, which shaped his Imagination.

Gadadhar Ojha has represented India in symposiums all over the world, including France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Russia, Argentina, Canada, and Cyprus.

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Gadadhar Ojha sculptor

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