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Odia Virtual Academy to promote Odia language across the world

Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik launched the Odia Virtual Academy on Odia New Year with an aim to promote Odia language across the world.

Odia is the one of the celebrated classical languages of India. Odia Culture represents the core essence of the plural foundations of the multi-cultural fabric of India. Odisha is a unique state, being the first one linguistically reorganized state of modern India.

CM made the announcement at a state-level function that marked the start of the Odia New Year. Through this Odia Virtual Academy, a rich literary corpus of Odia language will be digitised and made available on the Internet.

“The priceless masterpieces of Odia literature will be preserved for time immemorial. Generations to come in any part of the world will have access to these great literary works,” Naveen said. You can visit the website here.

He also said SC and ST students would be provided with caste certificates in their schools. “Around 20 lakh children will benefit every year. They will not face any more hassles,” said the chief minister.

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Odia Virtual Academy

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