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Odisha: 20-ft-long python that swallowed a monkey rescued

A 20-ft-long python was rescued from a village located in Sukinda forest area of Odisha’s Jajpur district. The huge snake was spotted lying at Santarapur village after engulfing a monkey.

As per sources, after sighting the huge snake at the foot of Sunajhari hill, snake helpline was contacted for rescue of the reptile.

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On getting information, snake catcher Soumyajit Behura reached the site and rescued the python. Later the python was released at Ashokjhar hill near the village.

According to reports, the python could not move out of village after consuming the money it hunted in the morning. Gandhi Temple in Sambalpur and Mahatma Gandhi gets worshipped here

The snake catcher with help of locals brought it near a tube well for pouring water on its head and into mouth following which the python vomited the monkey.

Odisha 20-ft-long python

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