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Odisha becomes 3rd state to manufacture Indian tricolor flag

Odisha becomes the third state to manufacture the Indian national flag. As of now, the tricolor national flag, popularly known as tiranga, is being manufactured only in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Odisha Khadi and Gramodyog Board will start manufacturing the national flag in the state starting next year.

Chairman of the board Tejeshwar Parida provided the information on Sunday while speaking at the week-long ‘Tiranga Festival’ held in Bhubaneswar to mark ‘Kranti Divas’. The festival is the first of its kind initiative in the whole country.

The festival is showcasing nine varieties of flags of various shapes made by Khadi board of Karnataka. It may be noted that the Union Government has authorised only the Khadi Boards to make the national flag.

Odisha procures most of its flags from other states with few tailors available in the state to follow the code.

Most of them are brought from Karnataka or Maharashtra. “The strict guidelines for stitching the national flag is left only to a handful of tailors in the state who make the flags. But, our state has rich heritage of manufacturing khadi fabrics. We are trying to encourage making of flags in the state,” said president of the Odisha Khadi and Village Industries Board Tejeswar Parida.

The board plans to send a few weavers for training to either Maharashtra or Karnataka. “We will hold discussions with the weavers and select interested ones to receive training,” said Parida.

The state government has already imposed a ban on plastic flags and the ministry of home affairs, in January, had issued circulars to all the states asking to conduct awareness programmes on the proper use of the Tricolour.

According to the Flag code, the national flag should be made of cotton, wool, silk or paper. There is a provision for imprisonment of up to three years for anyone who burns, mutilates, defaces, disfigures, destroys trample upon or otherwise shows disrespect or brings into contempt (whether by words either spoken or written or by acts) to the national flag.

Parida said khadi flags can be made to suit every occasion and size. There are nine sizes of flags mandated under the Flag Code from the largest measuring 6300×4200 mm to the smallest 150×100 mm. While the largest flags are to be ceremonially hoisted on Independence Day and Republic Day, the smallest size can be used as table flags by individuals.

The Khadi Board has made a start with a “Tiranga Mela”, an exhibition on National Flag. It will continue till August 15, not only showcasing flags but also disseminating information on proper use, handling and disposal under the Flag Code. Most of the people are not aware of the rules of using National Flag.

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  1. manufacturing of triranga(the national flag) in odisha is a really good step as odisha is rich in khadi,handloom heritage with natural and traditional dyeing. best start up for progress in textile revenue.

  2. indian national flag manufacturing at Odisha,it is a nice step with him, so natural & traditional start in progress in india


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