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Odisha auto driver offers free transport to accident victims

Prabhat Pradhan, an auto driver from Odisha offers free ride to the poor and the differently abled persons in his autorickshaw where most people hesitate to offer a lift to them.

The 42-year-old auto driver has offered free rides to more than 7,000 people over the last 20 years. His mantra is simple and written on the rear of his auto: “Work is god. Physically handicapped, elderly persons and accident victims can avail free transport in my vehicle.”

Prabhat, a resident of the Niali area of Cuttack district, comes to Bhubaneswar every morning for work. And every day, he takes out some time to reach out to those in need. For those who cannot afford to use public transport, Prabhat is a messiah.

“Every day, I ferry at least two to four needy passengers for free. But I do not give free service to all. Driving this auto is my only source of income. Since Bhubaneswar is close to my house, I come here daily for work,” says the father of two, adding that he earned around Rs 500 daily.

Residents of Niali speak highly of Prabhat, whose acts of charity have made him something of a celebrity in the neighbourhood. “We are proud of him. It is unusual to find people like him these days. He has never turned down requests of people in a crisis,” said a neighbour.

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Odisha auto driver

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