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Odisha: Cobra throws up eggs after swallowing in Mayurbhanj

In this video, caught on camera, a cobra can be seen throwing up 6 eggs after swallowing 7.

The incident happened in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district in Baldhia area that comes under the jurisdiction of the Similipal Tiger Reserve.

The snake starts with the first egg and it takes time for it to pull the others up into its mouth. Just when you think the snake would manage to stomach all those eggs in – after all, the seventh one does seem to stay inside of the snake for a while – the cobra can’t hold them in any more.

Cobras that are mostly found in the rain forests of India and feed mostly on other snakes. They also eat small mammals, lizards and eggs. Also, reportedly, this is the only species that builds a nest for its eggs. Also, it’s known to eat its own eggs to recover from the lost energy during reproduction.

This species of snake is predominantly found in forests of Southeast Asia and are considered the most venomous snakes; the venom that can be obtained in a sting can kill 20 people. They can actually stand up to 18ft in length and, in fact, raise themselves up to 3/4th of their body to attack their prey.

The video has gone viral on various social media platforms.

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