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Odisha college students provide Roti meal at Rs 5 to poor people

A group of students from Brajarajnagar college in Odisha have joined hands to ensure that poor people in the area have access to healthy food at negligible cost.

The initiative started by college students on April 10 provides food packets at Rs 5. It is being carried out under guidance of the Helping People Club. Called the Roti Centre, the outlet is located at Lamtibahal, Brajarajnagar.

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Talking about the initiative, Kunal Singh, said, “We were planning this initiative for four months. It has been getting a good response from the people in the nearby area. In Rs 5 we provide four rotis and curry. Instead of providing the food free of cost we wanted the people to earn their food and feel satisfied after eating a healthy meal.”

The meal is prepared by the students and then distributed among those in need. Bijay Nayak, said, “This project gives us satisfaction of giving back to the society. We are passionate about it.”

These students are doing this noble work in their extra time. This initiative may inspire other students in Odisha to help poor people in their areas.

Students Rs 5 Roti meal

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