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Odisha: Daughter exposes mother’s extra-marital affair video

In Odisha, daughters exposed mother’s extra-marital affair and caught her red-handed along with lover, while cheating on her husband. Police raided a hotel in Bhubaneswar and detained the middle-aged woman with her boyfriend, after a call from the daughters.

Police said, the woman arrived at Bhubaneswar to drop the younger daughter in her school. After leaving her at the school, the woman took an auto to reach the Hotel, located in Unit 4 area under Kharavela Nagar police station.

But she was unaware of the fact that, the younger daughter followed him to the spot. Finding the mother in the company of a stranger in a booked room of that hotel, she first informed her father, sister and then the Commissionerate police.

Raiding the hotel, police detained the woman with his boyfriend, who was a lawyer by profession. The woman has denied the charge of having extra-marital affair by saying, she was there to have a discussion only, with the advocate.

The mother and the daughter duo exchanged heated argument at the hotel for quite some time, over the incident.

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