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Odisha gets its first Foreign Post Office (FPO) at Bhubaneswar

Odisha has got its first Foreign Post Office (FPO) with the opening of the facility at the premises of the Postal Printing Press at Mancheswar area in Bhubaneswar.

The Foreign Post Office, which was inaugurated on Saturday, will facilitate customs clearance and booking of articles or consignments for foreign countries, a senior official said.

S K Kamila, CPMG, Odisha Circle, said, “Earlier the posts were scrutinized at Kolkata, but now the same will take place at the Foreign Post Office in Bhubaneswar. A time will come when Odisha is no more dependent on Kolkata FPO.”

It may be noted that the FPO will process all the foreign consignments and articles booked in 1210 department post offices across Odisha. It is expected that the noticeable growth of foreign mails in Odisha will pave the way for the improvement of international business in the state.

G Gurunatha stated that it will be beneficial to every valued customer including exporters of Odisha. Export product and artifacts like Odissi handloom, dance costumes, Dhokra castings, silver filigree works, and handicrafts can be exported to art lovers across the globe. This will boost the economy of the state.

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Odisha Foreign Post Office Bhubaneswar

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