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Odisha government increases salary of MLAs and chief minister

The Odisha government increased the salary and allowances of the chief minister, speaker, deputy speaker, ministers, legislators and as well as the pension for former lawmakers.

Under the new provisions, the chief minister will now be entitled to a salary of Rs 98,000, which was earlier Rs 59,000. The Leader of Opposition was receiving a salary of Rs 58,000 that hiked to Rs 97,000.

Similarly, Cabinet Ministers will earn Rs 97,000 from Rs 58,000; state minister Rs 95,000 from Rs 57,000; and Deputy Minister will be entitled with Rs 93,000 from Rs 56,000.

While the Speaker will get Rs 97,500 which was earlier 58,500, the Deputy Speaker will receive a monthly salary of Rs 95,000 from Rs 57,000.

The Government Chief Whip’s salary rose to Rs 97,000 from Rs 58,000, the Deputy Chief Whip will receive Rs 93,000 which was Rs 56,000.

According to the proposed revision of salary and allowances, the Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) will be entitled with Rs 1 Lakh which was earlier Rs 60,000.

The announcement came after the state cabinet nodded the long pending demand of lawmakers to increase their salary and allowances. The committee recommended for the proposed revision to take effect from January 1, 2017.

Besides, the MLAs will get daily allowance of Rs 1500 inside the state and Rs 2000 outside the state. Similarly, travelling allowance by own car or hired car has been fixed at Rs 15 per Km inside and Rs 20 outside the state.

While, earlier the car advance for the legislators was Rs 3 lakh, it has been now hiked to Rs 5 lakh @ 8% interest.

On the other hand, Rs 5 lakh has been sanctioned for annual health insurance in case of hospitalization inside and outside the state and they will get an accommodation charge of Rs 1000 per day before allotment of government residence.

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Odisha MLA salary

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