Fight against Malaria: Odisha emerges best performing state in India

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) World Malaria Report 2018, India is the only high-burden country moving in a positive direction, with Odisha emerging as the best performing state in its fight against malaria.

The efforts of the Odisha Government in eradicating malaria has been appreciated by WHO. A latest report of the WHO lauded the move of the State Government resulting in sharp reduction in malaria cases and mortality due to the killer disease.

The report says that while since 2000, India has made major inroads in reducing the toll of malaria but the path towards elimination has proven a challenge in the eastern State of Odisha, which carries more than 40 per cent of the country’s malaria burden.

In recent years, the State Government has dramatically scaled up efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria with impressive results seen in a short span of time.

The work follows the recommendations of the WHO Global Technical Strategy for malaria which calls for early case detection, prompt treatment and widespread use of mosquito-control measures.

In Odisha, the State with the greatest malaria burden in India, there were an estimated 2,95 000 reported cases from July through December 2016 – 56 of them fatal.

During December, 2017, the number of cases had fallen by nearly 50 per cent, to approximately 1,56, 000; fatalities fell by more than two thirds, to 16 deaths.

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Odisha Malaria

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