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Odisha ‘Mountain Man’ carves 8km long road through hills

Jalandhar Nayak, a man in a remote Odisha village has single-handedly carved a five-mile (8km) road through hilly terrain to help his children attend school.

It had been taking his three sons about three hours each way to navigate the narrow, rocky route to class. So two years ago the vegetable seller from Odisha state picked up a chisel, a garden hoe and pickaxe and began building a shorter route.

We all know the story of Dashrath Manjhi, the mountain man who carved up an entire mountain in Bihar for 22 straight years so that people could reach the doctor in time. While Dashrath made a road of 360 feet, in what looks like a replication of this story.

His efforts came to the attention of government officials this week when he was featured in a local media bulletin.

“My children found it hard to walk on the narrow and stony path while going to their school. I often saw them stumbling against the rocks and decided to carve a road through the mountain so that they can walk more easily,” he said.

“Nayak’s effort and determination to cut mountains to build a road left me spellbound,” the local administrator, Brundha D, told reporters.

He said Nayak, 45, would be paid for the time he had spent building the path between Gumsahi village and the school in Phulbani, according to the Press Trust of India.

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Odisha Mountain Man

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