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Odisha startup provides pesticide and chemical-free vegetables

Odisha startup C&G Agroventures provides pesticide and chemical-free vegetables at affordable prices. Now, if you are thinking that this means ‘organic’, then think again.

Organic food is usually expensive, and as a result, not affordable for most, which is why the startup’s main focus is affordability. So, they are not only retailing out of supermarket giants like Reliance Fresh, but their chemical-free vegetables are also available at local and independent kirana stores in Bhubaneswar.

To understand their process, we need to remember the fact that washing vegetables alone won’t suffice in today’s scenario where pesticides and additive colours are being used liberally by farmers.

At C&G Agroventures, after procuring vegetables from the farmers and paying them directly to avoid middlemen, “vegetables go through a unique three-step process which reduces the chemicals in them by up to 60-90%,” informs Avilash Mahananda, who is the Founder-MD of the startup.

When Avilash’s mother passed away due to cancer, he wanted to know how a woman with no bad habits whatsoever could die of the deadly disease. The doctor told him that there could be multiple factors, including the pesticide in the vegetables we eat. With this, in the thick of grief, Mahananda seemed to have found his purpose. And in 2016, he founded C&G Agroventures.

This startup also sells vegetables to hotels and restaurants like Adda and Biryani Box in Bhubaneswar. He also plans to connect farmers to seed companies and direct purchasers. “Unless we provide these vegetables to everyone, there will be no impact. And our mission is to reach out to as many people as possible,” concludes Mahananda.

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odisha pesticide and chemical free vegetables

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