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Odisha : Power tariff hiked for all consumers by OERC

Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) today announced hike in power tariff for the 2015-16 year for domestic category consumers by 20 paise per unit, while hiking tariff for electricity for the farming sector by 40 paise per unit.

It is the first hike in 15 years and will be effective from April 1.

“The principal reason for tariff hike in 2015-16 is due to the pass through of Rs 740.72 crore towards past power purchase dues of NTPC by Gridco as per CERC order dated May 15, 2014,” OERC secretary G K Dhal said in a statement.

OERC maintained that the tariff hike in 2015-16 is also due to increase in the number of electricity consumers, inadequate generation of low cost hydro power to meet growing demands and rise in the cost of coal and furnace oil.

In comparison to the 2014-15 fiscal, there has been a hike of 4.64 percent in the average retail supply tariff, Dhal said adding that the monthly minimum charges and meter charges remain unchanged.

The average tariff for domestic consumption of 50 units, 100 units, 200 units, 300 units, 400 units, 500 units and 600 units is Rs 2.50/ kwh, Rs 3.35/kwh, Rs 3.78/kwh, Rs 4.25/kwh, Rs 4.49/kwh and Rs 4.71/kwh and Rs 4.86/ kwh respectively, which is around 49 percent, 31 percent, 23 percent, 13 percent, 8 percent, 4 percent and 1 percent less than the average cost of supply of Rs 4.88 approved by the commission.

A consumer is required to pay an average tariff of Rs 4.96 for the consumption of 700 units, which is 1.6 percent higher than the average cost of supply, an OERC release said.

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