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Odisha startup brings a ray of hope for cancer patients

An Odisha startup has developed biomolecular nanomachines which can carry anticancer drugs to the affected cells. Cancer patients can now expect for an extended life span.

Bhubaneswar-based startup CyCa OncoSolutions has developed two drug delivery device – CyPlatin and CyGIo for delivery of anticancer drug cisplatin, most widely used drug for human malignant cancers.

While CyPlatin is a novel formulation having the molecular drilling machine and anticancer drug cisplatin, CyGlo is another unique formulation of molecular drilling machine and fluorescent dyes.

Founder and CEO of CyCa OncoSolutions Dr Nusrat JM Sanghamitra said the efficacy of CyPlatin is tested and proved in laboratory cell model.

For the unique research, she has received the Technology Startup Awards 2018 for development of technology having the potential for commercialisation. President Ram Nath Kovind presented the Award to Nusrat at an event at New Delhi.

Nusrat started her research journey with a mission to find a better anticancer drug with fewer side effects. “I am sure the technology will improve the quality of life of cancer patients and help in fighting cancer globally besides reducing the public health burden,” said the 39-year-old researcher.

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