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Odisha student claims to produce electricity from old Rs 500 notes

Lachhman Dundi, a Plus Two Science student from Odisha has claimed production of electricity from demonetized old Rs 500 notes. He is waiting to get nod from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his unique innovation.

The invention has dragged the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that directed Odisha government to submit a report about the project.

Rs 500 note electricity

The PMO in a letter to the state government on April 12 asked to verify it with evidence. On May 17, Odisha government directed the concerned department to go through the 17-year-old student’s project and submit the report to the PMO.

According to Lachhman, there is presence of Silicon in both sides of scrapped Rs 500 notes. On exposing these notes to sunlight or any other form of light, the Silicon produces electricity. For this, a Silicon plate is needed to be attached on one side of the note.

The process is capable of producing 5 volts of electricity when exposed to sunlight. The note needs to be connected with a transformer via an electric wire which in turn would produce 220 volts of electricity capable of lighting an electric bulb or rotating a fan, he claimed.

We can use the produced electricity for 24 hours if it could be stored in a battery, he added.

Notably, he is the son of labourer couple Tirtha Dundi and Suadei Dundi of Kotamal village under Khariar block. He is studying in Khariar College in Nuapada district of Odisha and managing his study expenses selling LED bulbs assembled by him in the local market.

The bright student has also claimed the possibility of operating cycle and generator through energy produced from urine urging government assistance for his dream projects.

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