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Odisha students surpass national average in Mathematics

Odisha students surpassed the national average in Mathematics, a survey revealed. While the national average was recorded at 250, Odisha registered 265.

Class-X students of Odisha secured higher points than the national average. Students of Government, Government-aided and private schools fared well as they scored much above the national mean, i.e, 260 (239), 266 (248) and 295 (269), respectively.

The National Achievement Survey (NAS), conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), is considered to be the largest-ever such study in the country and is also among the largest in the world.

The survey conducted in five subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and MIL, showed that Odisha performed below the overall average score in all subjects except Mathematics, which indicated that there is a need for immediate attention towards improvement in learning levels.

In the test done under a third party verification, the gender-wise segregation showed equality among boys and girls. The figures mirrored at 265 as against the national mean of 250. However, the urban students performed marginally better than their rural counterparts with the score being 269 and 265.

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Odisha students Mathematics

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