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Odisha to have UK model of healthcare system soon

Odisha may soon have a UK model of healthcare system which will provide care in a socially equitable, accessible and affordable manner within a reasonable timeframe.

Since most of the health indicators in Odisha are poor compared to the national average, the State Government is keen on formulating a robust and deliverable health policy which is likely to be submitted by June 30.

The new State Health Policy, which is being developed with technical assistance from Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH), will bring sectoral changes to facilitate proper implementation of different healthcare programmes, make doctors more accountable besides focusing on remote tribal areas where health services are still a distant dream.

As part of the new model, physical, emotional and social factors of patients will be taken care of while diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment. A particular area will have more than one health hubs like GP clinics in UK. Patients can choose one and change at their wish.

The hubs will function with a team of healthcare professionals including community doctors to discuss care options for patients and their families. They would refer patients to hospitals for further assessment or treatment and may suggest specialist clinics to patients as per their specific conditions.

The patients would not have to report directly at the specialty hospitals or corporate hospitals. The health hubs having primary healthcare facilities will initially treat the patients and suggest follow up actions if they need more care and attention.

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Odisha UK model of healthcare system

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