Odisha muslim youth breaks Roza, donates blood to pregnant woman

Sheikh Shaqir, a resident of Peonpada in Odisha’s Phulbani town, has proved that brotherhood and humanity comes above all anything else. He broke his Roza (fast) to save a pregnant woman who was in need of blood.

According to sources, Anjali Mallick, a woman of Dagupadar was admitted to Phulbani hospital three days back after she complained of labour pain. But doctors said that she was in urgent need of blood transfusion due to hemoglobin deficiency.

However, since the woman had AB+ blood group, one of the rarest, it was becoming increasingly difficult for her husband to arrange blood. When Loknath Raju, a local youth and social worker involved in blood donation campaign came to know about it, he contacted Shaqir.

When Shaqir came to know about it, he voluntarily donated his blood, thereby taking food and breaking his fast in the holy month of Ramadan.

Shaqir’s move has not only saved a life but also set an example with his efforts being applauded in all quarters. Parents of Shaqir praised their son for his exemplary service.

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Odisha youth breaks Roza

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