Odisha youths risk lives to rescue 5 kids stranded in swelling river

In a display of extraordinary courage, two youths risked their lives to rescue five kids about to be swept away by the swelling waters of the Jhnjabati river near Harijan Sahi of Narayanpatna in Koraput district on Sunday.

The gallant act of Mahan Garada and Harishchandra Garada drew round appreciation in the village. Though the incident took place Sunday, it became known Tuesday after a video clip of the incident recorded by a local youth went viral in the area.

Exclusive video footage of the entire rescue operation lasting about five minutes showed two youths adroitly using a bamboo stick to rescue the five children, who had mounted a huge rock inside the river to save themselves from the steadily rising waters as a result of heavy rains in the upper reaches.

Though more than a hundred people were watching the scene, no one came to their aid in rescuing the children.

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The family members of the rescued children were at a loss for words trying to express their gratitude to the youths for saving the children.

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